Use Instant Stress Relief
To Feel Better Fast

Feeling overwhelmed?

Looking for quick stress relief?

Using these instant stress relief ideas
can give you rapid recovery
from a stressful situation.

These quick stress relievers can
seem almost miraculous. They are simple and effective.

Here's what I do when I feel like there is a hurricane going on inside me, or around me....

               Prayer for Stress Relief
A sincere prayer from the heart can instantly bring soothing comfort and quick stress relief. Prayer reminds us we are not really alone.

Prayer can give us an immediate and deep sense of safety, and peace regardless of the external circumstances we face.

               Breathing for Stress Relief
Breathing for stress relief is amazingly effective. A few conscious slow, gentle breaths reaffirm the life within us and send a healing, calming message to our minds and bodies.

How we breathe affects our neurotransmitters, our hormones, and every aspect of our being. We always have the time for it no matter where we are or what we are doing.

               Humorous Stress Relief
Laughter is another divine gift which can quickly bring quick stress relief. In a mere instant, laughter can change our whole perspective.

Laughter allows us to see situations more broadly. Humor can bring people together, dissipate stress hormones, and renew our will to live and to love. Laughter shifts our biochemistry in a way which allows and promotes very deep healing.

               Stress Relief Exercises Are Wonderfully Effective
Exercise gives quick stress reduction. It gives us a humane, safe, healthy way to release pent up worry, fear or hostility.

Just Move.

It could be a trip to the exercise gym, but effective exercise can be as quick as running up a flight of stairs, or doing a minute or two of calisthenics. A few squats, deep knee bends and sit ups may not be “sexy” but they can be great instant stress relief. Try stretching up to the ceiling and then down to your toes.

These Free Stress Relief Videos are
Quick Stress Relievers

Use these instant stress relief videos to give yourself the perfect mini break and help you relax.

Even a few minutes of beauty or laughter can relieve stress and really make a big difference in how you feel.

Stress Relief Video Eases the Heart
Let joy well up as Bobby McFerrin sings Bach's First Prelude while he simultaneously leads the audience in singing Ave Maria.

A Bedtime Lullaby to Relax & Soothe
This lullaby made me cry... in relief. It reminds me of how simple and nurturing life can be. Enter the world of innocence as Andrea Bocelli gently sings Elmo to sleep.

Stress Relief Video Erupts in Laughter
Laughter and joy are always available to us as quick stress relievers. This is true even in the dark somberness of an underground metro. See and experience it for yourself in "Bodhisattva in metro ll."

Stress Relief Video Offers Relaxing Soothing Comfort
These soothing sounds and images based on alpha mind entrainment had me feeling better in just a few minutes. Relax, instant stress relief is possible.

Stress Relief Video Musical Surprise
Experience stress relieving delight as these formal classical musicians allow themselves to create in some classical and non classical surprising ways.

Stress Relief Video Rocks with Joyful Energy
Ready for three minutes of energizing Fun? Let Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye cheer you up and invite you to the sunny side of life.

These are all ways to shift focus & take a break.

Taking a quick stress relief break shifts your focus to release tension and prevent stress from building. There are many simple ways to move out of limited repetitive patterns that make us feel hemmed in and stressful.

These quick stress relievers are not complicated, intellectual or expensive. Small simple actions can yield powerful results.

Instant Stress Relief Works Best when Used with Healthy Lifestyle Choices

It makes sense.  Healthy lifestyle choices can increase our resiliency for stress prevention. Daily prayer as well as stress relief techniques and meditation also help to build our ability to meet life's challenges without creating chronic stress.

For more stress relief ideas return to Gentle Stress Relief home page.

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