Stress Relief Video
Eases the Heart

Humor and beauty are two natural stress relievers. This stress relief video gives you a taste of both.

Watching this video is like getting four and a half minutes of happiness.

It is a clip of Bobby McFerrin. With humor, he performs a voice rendition of the first Bach prelude while he leads the audience in singing Ave Maria at the same time.

When I watch this video several times in a row, the melody and happiness stay with me for hours afterward. It is a wonderful quick stress reliever.

It is amazing. Sometimes even a few minutes of natural stress relief can make a big difference in how we feel and function.
For me, these videos are like "instant vacations."
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Instant Stress Relief

There are many types of natural stress relief.
Some will  appeal to you more than others.
To explore an overview of many natural stress relief tips and techniques at Gentle Stress Relief home page

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