How to Relieve Stress-
Physical Tips for Reducing Stress

This page on how to relieve stress is geared to physical approaches that are simple and effective.

Use these stress relief activities and techniques if you are a practical busy person. If you don’t have time to “mess around” with esoteric solutions you have come to the right place, read on...

Stress Relief Exercises Give Outstanding Results
These stress relief activities and exercises give fast relief. They give us a much needed safe outlet for pent up energy and frustration. Regular exercise also helps build long term strength, vitality, strong immune systems and resistance to disease.

Slow Gentle Breathing for Stress Relief is Reliable and Effective
I know it sounds deceptively simple but this tip for reducing stress really works. Use this easy stress relief tool whenever you feel the stress mounting and would rather have peace comfort and safety.

The Stress Relief Benefits of Drinking Water are Worth the Effort
Why drink water? Our bodies require adequate pure water for virtually every life function to take place. Part of understanding how to relieve stress is understanding how to promote natural health and vitality. Drinking adequate amounts of pure water is one of life’s essentials.

Sleep and Stress Relief
Deep natural sleep rejuvenates, repairs, and enables us to meet life’s situations much more easily. Many years ago in law school I discovered that a good night’s sleep made the difference between feeling oppressed and feeling challenged and inspired. Check these tips for simple ways to promote a good night’s sleep.

Reduce Overwork and Fatigue
Some of the main causes of stress are overwork and fatigue. So give yourself adequate time to rest and recharge.

Stress Relief Food is Soothing and Nourishing
Stress relief food contains the vital nourishment required to build strong healthy bodies. With strength and health we can respond to life’s challenges more easily. These nutritional tips for reducing stress can help you feel better.

Stress Relief Massage Soothes and Relaxes
Stress is often accompanied by pain and tension. Stress relief massage is an effective way to promote relaxation and comfort. Learn to do it for yourself with these stress reducing tips or splurge and find a good massage therapist to help.

Reduce Exposure to Unnatural Chemicals and Pollutants
Chemical sensitivity can develop when people are exposed to the toxins and pollution of the modern world. These chemicals can place a stressful burden on our bodies. Taking steps to reduce our exposure to these chemicals can be very helpful in relieving stress.

Herbal Stress Relief Can Safely Help Us Through
With herbal stress relief we utilize the power, and innate intelligence of specific plants to help us adapt to life’s challenges. Confirmed by modern research, herbalists have known how to relieve stress using plants for thousands of years.

Knowing How to Relieve Stress
Helps Us Succeed in Life

When we learn how to reduce our chronic stress then the challenging situations we face in life can feel like opportunities to learn and grow.

For more tips on reducing stress and stress relief activities
visit Gentle Stress Relief home page.

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