Use This Soothing Bedtime Lullaby
to Gently Relieve Stress Anytime

Let the inner child in you relax as Andrea Bocelli gently sings this bedtime lullaby song.

If you are seeking an instant stress relief solution to feeling wired and revved, unable to relax, then this stress relief video may be perfect for you. Allow this delightful video to remind you of a child like innocence which lets go of concerns and anticipation and rests deeply in the present moment, trusting that everything is OK and really will work out. Before you know it, you might find yourself sleeping like a baby.

It is beautiful, heart warming and soothing.

So Try a Bedtime Lullaby

It works for kids, but it is good for adults too.
Allow it to soothe your worries and concerns before bed, or anytime.

Let it slide the weight of the world off your shoulders, at least for awhile.

Take a rest from being the "responsible adult" to enjoy the innocent peace of a child.

From here you can continue your mini vacation from the cares of the world and explore more instant stress relief techniques and videos and or...

return to gentle stress relief home page and delve into a wide array of natural stress relief tips

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