Use Breathing for Stress Relief to
Reduce Stress Immediately

Slow gentle breathing for stress relief is practical and useful
any time we are upset.

When we are stressed our breath tends to be more rapid and labored. We may find ourselves breathing heavily through the mouth. We may feel as if we are not getting enough air and struggle for more.

Bringing your conscious attention to your breath and
breathing slowly and gently quickly helps us return to feeling calm, grounded and clear headed.

Some people suggest breathe in to a count of 4 ... hold it for a moment ... and then breathe out to a count of 4.

Some people suggest placing a hand on your belly and or chest to help make you more aware of your breath.

You might find it helpful to imagine yourself in a beautiful wooded area where the air is clean and fresh.

But even more important than the details is to just do it.
Put your attention on your breath.
Become conscious of your own breath.

Try Slow Gentle Breathing for
Stress Relief.... Now

Every time you breathe consciously

You celebrate the gift of life


Take a gentle breath in.........

And then.........

Let it out.........

Take another gentle breath in.......

And then.........

Let it out.........

You didn’t create your own life

Maybe you created some of its story

But life itself is a mystery and a gift we all receive from God

Watching your breath is a simple, reassuring affirmation of life


Take another gentle breath in.........

And then.........

Let it out.........

Be grateful for the gift of life

In this moment

Right now

Slow Gentle Breathing for Stress Relief
is Economical

Gentle breathing for stress relief is simple and cost effective. 

It requires no special equipment.

You already have everything you need.

It is wonderful to breathe gently in nature, in the park, or by the ocean.

But slow gentle breathing can be done almost anywhere, anytime.

It is available to us at work, at home, in school, even in the supermarket.

Uses for Simple Gentle Breathing

For example, I have used:

  • twenty minutes of gentle breathing before bed to help bring soothing sleep and stress relief or minimize pain,
  • a few minutes of conscious gentle breathing several times during the day to clear and focus my mind,
  • just a few very gentle breaths before a difficult task to lessen anxiety and build my courage.
  • For chronic stress my favorite Healthcare Consultant suggests breathing slowly and gently 10 minutes 3 times daily and 20 minutes before bed.

In other words, you can use gentle, slow, breathing any

time you start to feel tired, overwhelmed, worried or angry.

Breathing is fundamental to life.

How we breathe affects how we feel and how we function.

And while we do want to breathe easily, some conscious intention to breathe slowly and gently is powerful stress relief.

Learn more instant stress relief methods, or for more ideas,

visit Gentle Stress Relief home page

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