Stress Relief Techniques
Give Invaluable Help

Stress relief techniques have been my
my indispensable buddies through the years.

They are truly gifts.

I’ve had lots of opportunities to test them since I am not yet the world’s most calm or peaceful person.

These techniques can dramatically increase a person's health, happiness and peace.

Here Are Some of My Favorite
Stress Relief Techniques - They Work

  • Exercise -
    Stress relief exercises give powerful relief.
    Exercise can lower our levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol and increase our feelings of happiness, optimism and well being. Exercise is also a key fundamental of healthy lifestyle habits. So whether your body type is more suited for gentle walking, stretching, sports, yoga, or weight lifting, daily exercise is a great stress reducer.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique -
    The EFT postive results can be experienced in many areas of life. EFT can be used on challenges which face us regarding stress, health, work, money, relationships .... just about anything. The emotional freedom technique, or EFT, is easy to use and costs no money to learn.This technique is very flexible. I often use EFT on challenges that come up for me during the day. EFT therapy has helped me remove barriers or problems which would not budge with any other approach.
  • Meditation -
    Mindfulness based stress reduction is an ancient technique. There are several different approaches. One way is to sit quietly and simply watch your breath. Don't try to change it or "fix" it. In fact, for a few minutes, don't try to fix anything. Just watch what is. Watch the inhale and the exhale and appreciate the growing sense of peace.

    Mindfulness Exercises
    - With attention and choice we can transform many simple ordinary activities like walking into a mindfulness meditation which promotes our natural internal peace.

    Meditation labyrinths,
    such as the ones found in the floor of old french cathedrals provide another simple peaceful form of meditation.
  • Communication -
    Communicating to reduce stress is another helpful technique. So often we make assumptions about what the other person said or did or wants or means which are not justified, and not true. Our false assumptions often produce unnecessary stress. When we slow down, and take the time to communicate, we can find out the truth.
  • Time Management -
    Time management stress relief techniques can give wonderful stress relief. So much of the pressure we often feel is centered on time commitments and deadlines. Learning how to manage our time and resources more efficiently can take a lot of pressure off.
  • Creative Visualization -
    Learn how to visualize something wonderful - 5 steps.
    Creative visualization can help us neutralize the stress of worry and
    energize our life purpose and goals.
  • HeartMath -
    HeartMath is another very useful stress relief technology. Heart Math uses a simple stress relief technique, along with some special computer training software so you can track your progress and learn when you are on target. Using HeartMath increases coherence between the functioning of the mind and heart and also reduces physiological stress factors such as high levels of cortisol in the blood. It can create a feeling which is both revitalizing and soothing.

Of course I don’t do all of these every day. Life is much fuller and richer than just pursuing ways to relieve stress. But these techniques can be invaluable tools. Like all of the suggestions in this website, pick and choose the ones that are most appropriate for your life.

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