Stress and School - Solutions

For me, stress and school went hand in hand.
Kindergarten wasn’t too bad. My third grade teacher was a sweetheart who reminded me of my grandmother. But by 5th grade my adrenaline was pumping.

(Since my career included college and law school I had many years to explore the best ways to cope with school stress.)

Many of these stress relief strategies will help you in school now, and later at work in your job or career.

Understanding the Context
of Stress and School Really Helps

School attendance is required by law. So we may feel locked in. Back to school stress can also be challenging after the freedom of summer vacation. School is designed to be challenging. It requires learning new skills. Sometimes getting along with the other kids or teachers may also be difficult.

However, since we must go to school, the wisest approach is to stop resisting it. Peacefully accepting what you can not change will reduce your stress and school challenge.

Instead, decide to be successful with school. Focus on the benefits school provides:

  • an opportunity to learn new skills,
  • a foundation for our future economic success,
  • a chance to explore new ideas,
  • a chance to make new friends.

Use These 14 Strategies to
Reduce School Stress:

1.Practice Gratitude and Patience-
Develop patience with the process of going to school. There is a lot school can offer you. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and build a better future for your self.

2.Get organized-
Write down your homework assignments and your class schedule so you don't forget them. Go to your classes. Study daily. Do your homework. This creates a strong systematic foundation for success. Depending on last minute cramming for exams is not a solution to stress and school.

Do you have trouble finding things? It's good to periodically
declutter your work or study space.

3.Be Disciplined-
Discipline reduces the pressures of stress and school and creates a strong systematic foundation for success.Attending class without completing your homework is stressful. Depending on last minute cramming for exams also increases stress. So systematically go to your classes, do your homework and study daily.

4. Learn How to Take Tests-
These tips for test taking will help your improve your test taking skills and make your school days much easier. They will also build your self confidence and success.

5. Ask For Help When You Need It-
Sometimes an explanation from a classmate, teacher or tutor can help you understand a difficult topic. Lend a similar helping hand to your classmates when they ask for it. Cooperation can help everyone do better.Get tested for possible learning disabilities if that is suspected. Different types of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD if undiagnosed can intensify the problem of stress and school.

If you feel that stress is hindering your success you may wish to consult with a Guidance Counselor or look into the Benefits of Online Counseling.

6. Stay Committed and Keep Going-
Even though stress and school may sometimes be a problem, don’t let setbacks stop you. At times you may feel discouraged ...just keep going anyway. Even though I graduated with honors several times, I also failed spelling in 5th grade and had trouble with simple arithmetic. You don’t really fail until you stop trying.

7. Practice Time Management Skills-
Time management stress relief skills can help you achieve more and still have time for rest and play.

8. Breathe Gently-
Breathing for stress relief means breathing slowly and gently several times a day. Do this especially any time you feel tense, angry or worried. This can help you stay calm and focused. It can help you avoid doing or saying things that may get you in trouble, or that you may later regret.

9. Be Kind-
Be kind, polite and respectful to everyone you meet and deal with, including yourself. When you treat people with kindness and communicate with respect you will find yourself making friends more easily and having fewer problems in your relationships. Communicating to reduce stress with improved listening skills will help avoid misunderstandings and promote harmony.

10. Be Forgiving-
The benefits of forgiveness are many. Be forgiving of yourself and others. As human beings we are fallible. We inevitably make mistakes. Apologize for your mistakes and move forward. Don’t hold grudges. They will only weigh you down with bitterness. Recognize that we all do the best we can at the time.

11. Exercise Regularly-
Use stress relief exercises almost every day! Bodies are built to move and be active. I discovered the more hours I spent sitting and studying, the more time I had to spend exercising in order to think clearly and stay happy. It’s much easier to sit patiently in school behind a desk when you have a daily opportunity to run, move and play.

12. Eat Nutritious Food-
Eat stress relief food with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eliminate refined sugar and caffeine from your diet. Sure the soda pop and candy bars are fun. They can give quick energy. But it’s an artificial energy boost that does not support your long term health.

13. Get Enough Sleep-
Go to bed early, every night, before 10pm is best. It’s almost impossible to function at your best if you are not
getting quality sleep every night. This is a very worthwhile discipline that will help you enjoy your activities and be more successful!
I found studying in the early morning more effective than studying late at night.

14. Pray for Guidance-
Remember, prayer for stress relief is always available, and can help with school stress, work stress, family stress, or whatever challenge you may be facing.

What are Your Favorite
Ways to Relieve School Stress?
How Have They Helped You?

Are you a student? Or a Teacher?
Do you have a great story about overcoming school stress?
Please share it and inspire others!

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