How to Deal with Stress Spiritually

Wondering how to deal with stress? Here are some ways how to handle stress spiritually.

They don’t necessarily replace the physical, emotional or mental stress relief ideas. They can be used along with the other approaches.

I find that when I integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways to deal with stress, even more peace and happiness come.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are classic answers for how to deal with stress. If you already have a spiritual tradition or practice you “feel right” with then of course, just continue that. If you would like to explore some additional ways how to handle stress then read on…

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
This is a simple practice. It uses conscious awareness to watch either the breath, or thoughts. It brings peace to the mind.

Use Mindfulness Exercises to Experience Peace
With attention and choice even ordinary actions can become a type of meditation... calming mindfulness activities.

Meditation Labyrinth
Classically the labyrinth was used as a form of walking mediation or prayer. However many find that slowly tracing the patter with a finger, or pencil works just as well. You can download a free labyrinth pattern similar to the one at Chartres Cathedral and try it for yourself.

Prayer is an ancient answer to the challenge of living in a world which seems filled with change and uncertainty. It is one of the traditional, classic ways to deal with stress. Many find it brings a level of peace and comfort that transcends logic and reason.

Additional Suggestions for
How to Deal with Stress

Some people find their lives compartmentalized. They have their spiritual practices and traditions on the one hand, and then “real life” on the other. Here are some additional practical ways to integrate spirituality into daily life.

Personal Core Values
Discovering and then living with your personal core values is another spiritual way to find greater peace and meaningfulness in your life. Personal core values can provide a compass to guide you through life’s sometimes confusing options

12 Step Programs
The 12 step programs began with the realization that unmanageable problems and addictions which seemed unsolvable by normal men and women could be solved by God. What has evolved over time is a way to practically integrate God and spirituality into daily life. This 12 step information may help you get started.

11th Step Prayer and Meditation
The early 12 step pioneers developed some very specific ways to live a God centered life because it helped them stay sober and therefore save their lives. The "How to Listen to God" pamphlet from this time period gives us a simple effective way to dissolve stress by aligning our lives with God.

For many other suggestions on how to deal with stress visit Gentle Stress Relief home page

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