Stress Relief Resources

These stress relief resources are offered as tools which many people may find useful. The materials and websites cover a number of different perspectives. One or more of these stress relief resources might be right for you.

Finding Peace

  • Steps Toward Inner PeacePeace

    Pilgrim was a remarkable American woman who dedicated her life to living and sharing peace. This small booklet is a summary of many of Peace Pilgrims main suggestions. Even simply reading it can help put one’s life into a more peaceful perspective. It is wonderful for stress relief.

    Click here for a free PDF download of "StepsToward Inner Peace". (It will open in a new window.)
  • Inner

    This site offers interactive free self-counseling software programs which can help people find greater peace within themselves. Using the programs with honest and thoughtful heartfelt responses can be quite helpful. The programs are offered on several topics including forgiveness, effective prayer, effective goal setting, beyond suffering and the monkey mind. These stress relief resources are not intended to be used as a replacement of professional counseling. They can help people resolve difficult or painful issues in their lives.

    Click here to visit (The link will open in a new window.)
  • How to Listen to God

    This is a 3 page pamphlet written in the 1930’s by John E. Batterson. John was a person friend of Dr. Bob, one of the co founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. This pamphlet was widely used and distributed in the early, very successful years of A.A. It gives simple, non denominational daily guidelines for how to find God and serve God, and find peace and fulfillment in the process. It can be very helpful in recovering from all types of stressful addictive behavior.

    Click here for your free download of "How to Listen to God".
  • Meditation Labyrinth

    Labyrinth meditation is a time tested way to quiet the mind, become more tuned into the present and surrender to the unfolding patterns in the Divine creative process. Although one traditionally "walks" the labyrinth, many find it is equally effective to trace a labyrinth pattern with one's finger.

    Click here for a free PDF download of a labyrinth pattern similar to the one in Chartres Cathedral. (The link will open in a new window.)

Music and Chanting

  • Prayer to be Reborn in Dewachen - music of healing and peace

    Prayer to be Reborn in Dewachen is a traditional prayer. This chant is from the Buddhist tradition. It is a very soothing reassuring melody sung by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo. It can be used by anyone and is particularly recommended for those who are sick. It does not convert you to Buddhism and can be used by people of all faiths. You can click on the link. The music will open in a new window. (About 4 minutes long.)

    Download Prayer to be Reborn in Dewachen.
  • Kol Nidre - music of forgiveness

    Kol Nidre is an ancient prayer for forgiveness from the Jewish tradition. It has a poignant beautiful melody which stirs the heart. The Jews believe there are two steps to forgiveness. The first is to make amends and correct the mistakes you have made against your fellow man. Kol Nidre is about the second step - asking God's forgiveness. You can click on the link and listen on YouTube. (About 4 minutes long.)

    Listen to Kol Nidre (It will open in a new window.)
  • Gregorian Chants - music of peace gratitude and grace

    Gregorian Chants are beautiful and peaceful prayers from the Christian tradition. This example is Benedictos prayer and glory to God Ave mundi spes Maria. You can click on the link and listen on YouTube. (About 4 minutes long.)
  • Listen to Gregorian Chants (It will open in a new window.)


The Healing Power of Laughter by Mike Moore.

Mike is a Canadian humorist and motivational speaker who is convinced of the healing power of humor. If you need convincing that laughter is one of the great stress relief resources read Mike's book.

Download The Healing Power of Laughter (The free 10 page e book is in PDF format and will open in a new window.)


Stretched To The Limit is another eBook by Mike Moore. This book focuses on the subject of stress, work and humor. It is certainly a subject most of us could laugh more about.

Download Stretched To The Limit (The 31 page free e book is in PDF format and will open in a new window.)

Organizational Tools

    It is difficult to become more efficient with our time, or money when we are uncertain about where and how we really spend our resources.

    The following simple tools can help us gain clarity about these questions. For many it is a first step to getting organized and reducing our time stress and money stress. (The free PDF downloads will open in a new window.)

  • Daily Time Log
  • Daily Money Log
  • Stress Plan Template Form You can use this to create your personalized stress relief plan.
    Click here for suggested stress plan instructions.

Feedback on these Stress Relief Resources

We welcome your feed back.  Please let us know if you found any of these stress relief resources helpful. Also let us know if there are additional resources you think should be added.

This list of resources will change from time to time. You are invited to check back often, or sign up for our free newsletter “ Gentle Stress Relief News “

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Disclaimer - Please do not use these stress relief resources as a replacement for qualified professional assistance. No warranty, express or implied is offered on these materials.

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