Stress Prevention with
Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Healthy lifestyle choices naturally build energy, strength and stress prevention. Not expensive or overwhelming, these tips show you how to prevent stress step by step.

There are simple lifestyle choices we all make
day after day, year after year.
Due to the power of repetition, these lifestyle choices can significantly improve our health and
well being.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Build Energy Reserves

These reserves give us more resiliency and stress prevention. Instead of “living on the edge”, we become less vulnerable. When life’s inevitable challenges come we adapt more easily with less stress.

Remember, even positive changes like moving to a bigger house, getting a new better paying job, or finding a new relationship can be stressful if we are too tired.

When we have more energy reserves, life seems less stressful.
          "With more vitality and strength, life is more fun"

Use These 9 Healthy Lifestyle Choices
& Promote Stress Prevention:

  1. Breathe gently-
    Practice gentle breathing for stress relief.
    Breathe gently to sustain life peacefully. Breathing is essential to life. We can live only a few minutes with out oxygen. Breathing softly, gently gives us an abundance of our most essential nutrient. Breathing gently can reduce pain, calm the nervous system, decrease stress and anxiety, give us more energy, and a stronger immune system.
  2. Drink pure water-
    Why drink water? What are the benefits of drinking water? Our bodies are approximately 2/3 water. Drinking sufficient water is required for every system in our bodies to function properly. Drinking pure water allows the body to eliminate stress promoting toxins and metabolic wastes more easily.
  3. Eat nutritious meals-
    Reduce stress eating habits help give our bodies greater comfort, stability, and improved digestion.
    Stress relief food choices can give us essential nourishment for energy and strength. Meals which emphasize a variety of fresh, whole, unprocessed
    foods tend to be rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phyto- nutrients our bodies need
    for health and vitality.
  4. Sleep deeply-
    Sleep gives stress relief. Allow sufficient time for deep rest and sleep. Sleep and rest allow our bodies time to rejuvenate, and repair. Without it our immune systems do not function well, we age more rapidly, and everything becomes more difficult.
  5. Balance work and play-Maintain a balance of work and play. Allow time for creative expression and variety in your activities. This enhances our emotional well being and joy in life.
  6. Move and be active-
    Use stress relief exercises regularly. Moderate physical activity is energizing. It boosts the immune system, increases circulation and increases our sense of strength and vitality.
  7. Practice prayer and meditation-
    Set aside quiet time for activities like prayer and meditation. This can give us a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and peace.
  8. Be kind to yourself and others-
    Following traditional personal core values can reduce stress. Nurture kind, compassionate, loving relationships. This is a source of real wealth and richness in life.
  9. Discover and work toward your life purpose-
    What is my life purpose? Have you asked yourself that question? These healthy habits are not an end in themselves. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is to know and take steps to fulfill your life purpose. It is life purpose which brings real vitality and joy to life. (Consider sharing your talents to serve yourself and your fellow man and God. Service embodies kindness and brings a deep sense of purpose to life.)

You have probably heard of these healthy lifestyle choices before. Maybe you already use some of them. The more you integrate healthy habits into your life, the more they can uplift you and help you with stress prevention.

Additional Tips - Build Healthy Habits
Systematically and Patiently:

  • Trying to integrate all of these habits, all at once, can be overwhelming and impractical. Focus on one at a time for a few weeks.
  • Wait until the new behavior is really a familiar habit before you start to integrate the next one.
  • When wondering how to prevent stress, remember to be patient. Healthy lifestyle choices work, but they do take some time.

Healthy habits build inner reserves that promote stress prevention.
Healthy lifestyle choices build invaluable inner reserves for the "long run of life".

Have Healthy Lifestyle Choices Helped You Prevent Stress?

What are your favorite healthy habits?
Have they made a big difference in your life, your health, or your happiness?
Do you have a great story about this?

Please share your experience and inspire other visitors to make positive changes in their lives.

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