Natural Stress Relief
Reliable Techniques & Remedies
You Can Use

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Natural Stress Relief means working with nature to help bring greater balance, ease, comfort and well being into your life.

There really are natural effective tips, techniques and remedies which reduce anxiety and stress.

Sometimes natural approaches to stress relief require a major shift in lifestyle, habits or behavior.

But often small, inexpensive changes can make a very large difference in our lives.

Use These Natural Stress Relief
Techniques to Feel Better:

Reduce Exposure to Pollutants, Toxins and Chemicals
Chemical sensitivity can be a stressful condition for many. Our bodies work harder when we are overexposed to chemicals and toxins of the modern world. Avoiding unnecessary pollutants and chemicals can reduce stress levels and improve health and wellness.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief
Aromatherapy is an ancient, pure, gentle route to natural stress relief. It dates back to pre-biblical days. Essential oils and attars are natural stress relief remedies which usually work best over time. Aromas are said to register directly into the emotional centers of our brains. Many people find aromatherapy is particularly effective for natural stress and anxiety relief.

Herbal Stress Relief
Herbs also offer many natural remedies for stress. Herbs are plants that offer traditional non toxic ways to give our bodies specific and effective assistance. Some stress relief herbs are calming, others offer exceptional nutrition. Some herbs promote rejuvenation, while others help us adapt to stressful situations.

Stress Relief Massage
Massage therapy is a natural stress reliever. Massage has been used for centuries. It brings soothing relief on a tactile, physical level. Since our minds and bodies are so connected, massage can soothe and relieve stress even when the origin of the stress is mental or emotional.

Clutter Control
Decluttering our environment, home or office is a natural stress reliever. It is a surprisingly powerful way to regain simplicity and balance in our thoughts and our behaviors. It seems to clear away the extraneous so that the important and fundamental aspects of our lives can more easily shine forth.

As unbelievable as it may sound, mess relief = stress relief

Natural Stress Relief Meditation
Mindfulness based stress reduction offers easy natural meditation techniques to reduce stress and increase sanity in life. It only requires your willingness to learn and little time. We offer information a few different types of stress relief meditation you can explore.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
These choices build and strengthen our foundation of health, making us more resilient to stress. Mankind’s fast paced techno-logical way of living is not necessarily bio-logical wisdom.

Stress Relief Exercises
We offer many free suggestions and tips to help you get optimum stress relief benefits from your exercise program.

Many types of moderate exercise work really well for natural stress and anxiety relief. Walking is just one example of a natural stress reliever. Walking in nature helps us gently reorient to the natural rhythms and flows of life, no matter what our current level of physical fitness. An early morning walk helps counteract depression. It is uplifting, energizing and soothing.

Stress Relief Food
Wise food choices boost our nutrition and provide delicious, easy to digest, comfort and sustenance. Stress relief foods give our bodies the fuel to meet life’s challenging situations more easily.

Healthy Eating Habits
When we reduce stressful eating habits we gain maximum benefit from the food we eat. We also bring more sanity and comfort into our relationship with food. Healthy eating habits help us stay trim and avoid compulsive stressful overeating. These habits are an important but often overlooked part of building health.

Light Therapy-
Orienting your day to the rising and setting cycle of the sun gives natural stress relief. Ben Franklin told us years ago, “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Try getting up around dawn. Avoid bright lights, computers and TVs after dusk. This helps bring us into harmony with the earth’s natural light rhythms. It helps us to sleep more deeply and restfully at night. (It also helps us to avoid overworking).

Gardening for stress relief is a practical way to help us get grounded and connected to the growing cycles of the natural world.

Gardening can help us focus on the reality of the present moment - on what is rather than what was or might be.

Art Therapy-
Art therapy for stress relief can give a fun, healing, therapeutic outlet for self expression and creativity. It doesn't require great artistic talent. Did you ever experience the exuberant joy of finger painting as a child? It's not too late, you still can! Experience of beauty, in all its forms, uplifts life. Beauty is a natural stress reliever.

Holiday Stress Relief-
Sometimes all that is needed for greater balance is simply a change in our activities. If it is possible, try a vacation for stress relief. For relaxation stress relief, go someplace beautiful, do something you will really enjoy and keep the pace relaxed.

Fun Stress Relief
If a full fledged vacation is not an option, there are many fun stress relief activities you can do in your own local area.

Relaxation Stress Relief-
And then, sometimes the very best thing to do for natural stress and anxiety relief is to stop. Rest

Be still

Find the silence and solitude within

Listen to the rain fall

Watch the flowers grow

Breathe Deeply

Balance and Moderation are Two Key Ideas
for Natural Stress Relief

Allow time in your life for:

  • play and rest, as well as ambitions and goals,
  • fellowship and nurturing relationships, as well as silence and solitude,
  • experiencing the beauty and miracle of the natural world, as well as the wonderment of technological advancements.

Kept in balance, they all have a place in a full rich life.

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