Stress Relief Video
Musical Surprise

Do you sometimes think classical music is too formal and stodgy?
Try this stress relief video. It offers 2 minutes of musical stress relief humor.

It is Leroy Anderson - The Typewriter.

You probably never thought of a musical combination of orchestra and typewriter, so it is surprisingly delightful. This brief  video is upbeat and fun. It demonstrates wonderful creativity.

It may be just the stress relief break you were hoping for.

Perfect for people who think that classical music is too serious.
Also for people who don't mind mixing musical traditions and styles with some creative humor.

Give it a few minutes and let it transport you to a happier place.

So much of our stress is magnified by taking life too seriously.

Sometimes all we need for stress relief is a quick break to bring us back to a place of peace. Humor, beauty, creativity, surprises can all help us.

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