Fun Stress Relief Ideas

Fun stress relief comes in many shapes and sizes.

Do something you already love or try something new.

It will balance your biochemistry and help you to feel a lot better.

The choice is yours. Stress relief activities can be any simple, natural activity which:

  • eases your heart,
  • gives you delight and
  • helps you to feel better.

It won't be the same things for everyone.

Vary your recreational activities, and try new ones, so you are not doing the same ones all the time. This will make your fun ways to reduce stress even
more effective.

Here are just a few fun stress relief ideas to spark your creativity:

  1. Play an instrument
  2. Go to a concert
  3. Join a sports team
  4. Attend a baseball game
  5. Learn a new sport -take tennis lessons, or golf lessons
  6. Go horseback riding
  7. Take up painting
  8. Take up pottery making
  9. Give lessons of something you know how to do
  10. Start writing short stories or poems
  11. Do nothing- sit under a shady tree and just watch nature
  12. Plant a garden
  13. Make a gift for someone else
  14. Learn to knit
  15. Build a home improvement project
  16. Play board games like monopoly or scrabble
  17. Play charades
  18. Take up knitting or sewing
  19. Draw a picture
  20. Fly a kite
  21. Go fishing, canoeing, or kayaking
  22. Take a nap
  23. Bake a cake or cookies and then give them away
  24. Write a letter to someone you love
  25. Write in your journal
  26. Read a good book
  27. Take a few deep breaths, and then watch a funny movie
  28. Remember 10 things you are grateful for
  29. Drink a cup of hot tea
  30. Eat a mango, or a bowl of strawberries…Yummy
  31. Take a yoga class
  32. Call a friend and cheer them up
  33. Visit the park, or go for a walk
  34. Plan a holiday
  35. Listen to your favorite CD
  36. Do a crossword puzzle
  37. Feed the birds or squirrels
  38. Read some good jokes
  39. Get a massage
  40. Try a sauna
  41. Plan a party
  42. Build a sand castle
  43. Learn chess
  44. Meditate
  45. Say a prayer for someone you care about
  46. Get out of your rut. Learn something new and creative, like photography or a second language, just for the fun of it. It can help give you a whole new perspective on life.

           I recently found that taking pictures with my old camera has been enormous fun and helps me see the beauty that is all around me in every day life.  I also discovered an fun new way to learn foreign languages. It feels like its expanding my horizons and relieving stress in positive new ways. I found this information on the internet at Great Escape Publishing.

It you still don't know what to do, try remembering 4 or 5 times in your life when you were really having a good time. It may give you a clue to your perfect fun stress relief activities.

Remember that humorous stress relief, also known as laughter is wonderful way to feel better fast.

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