Reduce Chemical Sensitivity for
Powerful Stress Relief

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Chemical sensitivity is a hazard of modern living. Use these natural stress relief tips to avoid the pitfalls of allergy and multiple chemical sensitivity and feel better.

Stress can be understood as our response to anything which feels or seems threatening. Often this response is generated by our negative emotions, attitudes and judgments. But sometimes a stress response is generated by our body's response to pollutants, toxins and chemicals in our environment.

Part of natural stress relief often means avoiding or minimizing what isn't natural in our lives.

The modern world exposes us to many chemicals and toxins. These can be found in:

  • the air we breathe,
  • the water we drink,
  • the food we eat,
  • the cleaners we use in our homes,
  • our personal grooming products, and
  • the pesticides we apply to our lawns and gardens.

The existence of governmental agencies whose job is to regulate, and monitor these toxins and pollutants demonstrates the seriousness of this reality. The Environmental Protection Agency, and the Food and Drug Administration are just two examples.

Some of us are more sensitive to these chemicals then others. We often hear how infants, children and the elderly are more at risk. Other people may have greater risk of multiple chemical sensitivities and reactions for no apparent reason... perhaps genetics.

It is not possible to eliminate all of the chemicals, toxins and pollutants we are exposed to. But we can take steps to minimize our exposure. Often these steps dramatically reduce the stress response of our bodies and improve our health and well being.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Tips

For greater health and well being here are some suggestions. They will be more important for some people then others:

1) Take steps, when ever possible to avoid pollutants and
toxic chemicals.

This may mean using only natural cleaning materials, drinking purified water and using good quality air purifiers.

It is also good to avoid most personal grooming products. Pure olive or coconut oil can help with dry skin and wrinkles. Pure essential oils can be used as deodorants. Teeth can be brushed with plain salt.

Avoid all dry cleaning and wear clothing which is washable.

Many people have multiple chemical sensitivity to colognes and perfumes. Be considerate of your friends, family and coworkers and avoid using artificial fragrances or air fresheners. You might discover it is better for you as well. Natural pure essential oils are a gentle non toxic alternative.

I find it helpful to eat meals made with organic food, avoiding all processed or manufactured food. Avoid all artificial food preservatives and additives. I also avoid all meat, dairy and fish in order to eat "lower on the food chain." Chemicals and toxins tend to accumulate in the flesh of animal at higher levels then plants.

2) Take steps to strengthen general health as much as possible.

This means:

  • regular exercise,
  • eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans.
  • It is also important to get enough good restful sleep,
  • practice slow deep breathing several times a day,
  • engage in daily prayer or meditation and
  • work toward discovering and fulfilling your life purpose.

3) Strengthen the body’s natural channels of purification.

Sometimes herbs which strengthen the liver, kidneys, and colon are very helpful in helping the body to comfortably purify out the chemicals which we can not avoid.

My favorite Naturopath says “the solution to pollution is dilution.” So he recommends drinking a lot of very pure water. Personally, I purchased a water distiller system to take all pollutants out of my cooking and drinking water. Then I add healthful minerals back into the water.

I have also found far infrared saunas to be very helpful in assisting the body’s purification of chemicals and heavy metal toxins. These are relatively expensive to purchase but wonderfully simple and soothing to use.

Some people use Epson salt baths to help with purification of chemicals and toxins. I only recommend this if the water in your home is very pure.

4) Seek appropriate medical help.

Over the years I have found that some Naturopaths and Chiropractors are very helpful. Sometimes Allergy specialists can also help. Sometimes a good Herbalist is very helpful. Some people have a chemical sensitivity to dental veneers. I look for a dentist who is willing to test for allergies to specific dental products. I have found to be the best dietary advice for my body. Dr. McDougall is a regular MD and a Board Certified Internist.

Healthy looking house cartoon

5) Find a less toxic place to live and work.

Sometimes these steps are enough to dramatically improve one’s health and wellness. However, if the building you are living or working in is making you ill, then it may also be necessary to move.

To find buildings with fewer chemical sensitivity hazards I look for:

  • natural wood or tile floors and try to avoid synthetic carpeting
  • windows which open and rooms which have a lot of natural light,
  • buildings which are relatively free of mold. So I try to find newer buildings which are not built on a concrete slab, but are instead built up on their foundation. I like to avoid homes with basements because these can be very moldy as well.

There are many other tips for natural stress relief which can work in harmony with the suggestions on this page.

For an overview of a broad range of effective stress relievers visit
Gentle Stress Relief home page.

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