Clutter Control Gives
Effective Stress Relief

I learned the trick of clutter control from my favorite naturopath. He told me I was "over thinking" and that it was ruining my health. His solution was to declutter.

When I returned home, I began to:

  • Pick things up,
  • Put things away,
  • Give things away
  • Pack things up and put them in the garage.

I made many trips to the local thrift shop. It didn’t all happen in one day. It actually took me several weeks....Even so, the results were wonderful.

Gradually, I had more space. And amazingly, as my home became visually simpler, my mind became quieter, more peaceful and less stressed. That was the first miracle.

Then a second miracle of clutter control occurred. As more space opened up in my home, and in my office, I found new channels of creativity opening up for me also. Creativity is a fun, wonderful stress reducer!

So now I know.

When I start to feel buried, burdened and overwhelmed with responsibilities,

I stop….... look around…… and evaluate my home and office.

It’s probably time to set aside a weekend, or a day, or even a few minutes

and de clutter again.

Practical Tips for Clutter Control

Some helpful questions you might ask yourself as you begin to de-clutter are:

How long has it been since I have used this? If I haven't used it in 6 months to a year, maybe I don't need it any more.

How much would it cost to replace this item in the future if I decide to get it again? If an item is very large, inexpensive and unused maybe it is time for me to let it go.

How frequently do I use the item? If I only use an item occasionally, maybe it is time to store it in the garage, or the back of the closet, instead of on my dresser or counter top.

Does this item really serve me? Is it beautiful? Is it functional? Or, is it just stuff?

Be Systematic

I usually declutter in layers.

  • First I put away the things which I choose to keep, but are cluttering up the landscape, creating visual confusion.
  • Then I tackle the stuff that is very obviously out of place, the stuff I really don't use any more, the stuff I don't even like any more.
  • I often find it helpful to sort these old items into appropriate piles or boxes labeled: throw away, give away, pack away, or fix.
  • Then gradually I work down to the deeper layers of my closets and drawers.
  • Even de-cluttering small things or small areas, can make a very helpful cumulative difference in how my home and office feel.

Be Disciplined

It is easy to fall into the habit of not putting things away. I may even think I am saving time by leaving stuff out. But the cost is high. These habits create a disorderly living and work space and cost me many minutes, sometimes hours of searching for items which are buried under piles of other belongings.

Clutter Control Can Be a
Cleansing Emotional Process

Sometimes I have held on to an item which is neither functional nor beautiful, but because of mental or emotional associations I have with it.

Often the item was very important for something I used to do, or I used to believe in.

As I wonder whether to keep the item, I find myself questioning, what am I doing with my life? What is my life purpose and direction?

Often I look at an item and realize that it was appropriate for an earlier time in my life, and not appropriate for where I am now.

This can result in a mental and emotional de-cluttering process which is very freeing.

Getting rid of clutter can take some time and courage, but it is well worth the effort.

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