EFT Positive Results
and Stress Relief

With EFT positive emotional and physical change can be simple, fast and
almost magical.
Do you have chronic or stubborn physical or emotional challenges which you would like to solve? EFT can help!

Within a few minutes with EFT a person can often go from unhappy to delighted!

What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It was developed by Gary Craig, a minister and life coach.

EFT is simple to use. It involves a series of simple affirmations, combined with tapping specific acupressure points. EFT is a universal technique. It can be used effectively on men, women, children, older people, healthy people, and sick people.

EFT is Powerful Stress Relief -

EFT is a wonderful stress relief technique. The results are fast, easy and practical. The process helps us to let go of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs, conditioning and “baggage” which clutter up our lives.

So much of our stress is unnecessary. Sources of unnecessary or avoidable stress include: our attitudes, expectations, belief systems, or our ideas about “what life should be like.” Unnecessary stress may also come from our personal core values or our physical and emotional responses to the challenges in our life.

EFT is a tool which effectively helps us to dissolve the underlying source of avoidable stress.

Click here for additional insights into some of the
biggest causes of stress.

Additional Positive EFT Applications -

Applications for EFT positive changes include:

  • Serious illness,
  • Allergies.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (in war veterans),
  • Learning disabilities,
  • Problems with work, and
  • Problems with relationships.
  • Use EFT for anger, grief and other difficult emotions,
  • Fears of all types, including fear of water, fear of heights financial fears and money worries.
  • Relief from depression with EFT is common.
  • Dismantle the underlying emotional factors involved in weight loss.

I have used EFT positive change techniques in many areas of my life, from headaches to insomnia, to eyestrain, to writers block. Before I started using EFT I couldn’t look at a computer screen more than 15 minutes without getting a crashing headache. I can now do computer work regularly without any problem. Before I started EFT I was terrified of airplane travel. I would feel caged in and frantic. Now I travel with much more peace and ease.

I found that with EFT positive change is very rewarding and practical. Some stubborn issues may “melt” away very quickly. Others may take a little more time, but in general, it is well worth the effort. So Good Luck to you. The results of EFT can be quite amazing.

When people ask Gary Craig if EFT will work on something he will often answer, “try it and see”. The possibilities are as endless as the challenges which face human beings.

Learning ETF -

EFT is painless and easy to learn. The tapping is easy. And the manual explains some simple ways to gently deal with even painful emotional situations.

Just read the free manual and follow the directions. The manual (see below) comes complete with stories, explanations, and diagrams to easily find the “tapping points”.

Since you can sign up to receive the basic manual free of charge, the only real cost is your time and commitment to read the manual and follow the simple steps. It takes a little bit of time to read the manual. But the technique takes very little time to use, once you are familiar with it.

To get free training materials on Gary Craig's website click here.

The EFT website, (www.emofree.com) has a wealth of additional free resources and articles, including a free 7 minute introductory video.

Additional materials are also available for those who wish more instruction. While I have found these to be interesting, encouraging and helpful, the free manual is all that is necessary to learn and use the basic technique.

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