Learn How to Visualize
Something Wonderful in
5 Simple Steps

Learn how to visualize and life becomes a creative opportunity. Positive visualization can enliven our life purpose and neutralize our worries.

Actually almost everyone already knows how to visualize.

It is called worry. Worry is stressful.
When we worry, we actively visualize exactly, with great specificity and persistence what we don’t want to happen.

So now it is time to relax and harness the creative power of visualization to enliven our hopes, dreams, and life purpose.

Creative visualization is an amazing stress relief technique.

You Can Learn How to Visualize Easily
in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Come to Neutral

Stop whatever you are currently doing.
Close your eyes.
Take a few slow deep breaths ... take some more.
Settle down and relax deeply.
Allow yourself to come to a place of neutral.
Acknowledge that at least for this moment every thing is ok, exactly as it is.

Step 2 - Choose a Goal to Visualize

Make sure it is something you really desire.
Be realistic. Make sure that it is a goal which you believe could actually happen.

Then allow yourself to believe your dream is possible.
Do this even if your logical mind does not know yet exactly how it could happen.
If necessary, pretend that your Fairy God Mother loves you and is paying attention.

Step 3 - Create a Mental Movie

Create a mental movie all about your desire.
(You will get better at this with a little practice.)
Engage all of your senses if you can.
See the colors.
Hear what is being said.
You may even be able to taste it and smell it.

But most of all, feel the happiness, or peace or fulfillment of the desire, as if it has already been sent in the mail to you. It has arrived.

Imagine it so tangibly that the experience feels real right now.

Step 4 - Come Back to Neutral

Surrender the desire and be at peace that God, (or your Fairy God Mother) is taking care of the request according to whatever is truly in your best interest.

Feel that peace within you... it really is there... just look.

Step 5 - Be Persistent

Repeat steps one through four many times each day.
This should not feel like a chore.
It should feel like a delightful adventure into wonderful possibilities.
Play with it.
Experiment with it.
We do this because it really is what we desire, (very important)
and because the mind learns from simple repetition.

And then… allow yourself to take the necessary actions and follow the opportunities which appear as your life unfolds.
Be willing to do your part.
As you do this you are reinforcing the visualization and allowing it become even more vivid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does this really work?
    Successful people know the above process really works. For example, creative visualization is routinely used by world class athletes before a competition. They learn how to visualize what their perfect performance will be.

    Many holistic health care practitioners recommend it to their patients as a basic health practice. The patients imagine what their health will look like and feel like.

    This can be used in virtually any area of life.

    Napoleon Hill is known for saying “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

    The reason creative visualization works is that the mind is very powerful.

    These 5 steps to learn how to visualize simply help us make this process more explicit.
  • Will my visualizations always happen if I do the process properly and diligently?
    The creative visualization process simply makes it more probable that your life will move in the direction of what you are visualizing.
  • Is there something else I can do to enhance the probability of success?
    Many things, including persistence, and patience and hard work. I have found that EFT techniques help me dismantle the negative beliefs and emotions that sometimes still get in my way.

    It also helps to write down the visualization. So do that too…write it down.

A Few More Thoughts for
the Scientifically Minded...

The following paragraph is not required reading to learn how to visualize. It is only for those who are scientifically inclined.

There is a scientific understanding for how this process works.
It refers to a principle in quantum mechanics called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
A simple explanation is that the observer has a profound impact on that which is being observed.
The act of observation can change what happens.
And this is true even though the observation is internal and mental.
(The quantum potential of the wave function is collapsed by the observation and eventually precipitates as form assuming that other surrounding circumstances allow.)

The conclusion in all of this from Napoleon Hill to quantum mechanics is that the mind is very powerful and what we put our attention on will tend to manifest. So learn how to visualize something wonderful. Put your attention on what you really intend. Then take action to follow through.

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