Life Purpose
What Is My Life Purpose?

Having a clear answer to the question what is my life purpose is an essential part of real health and happiness.

When we find a life purpose which is greater than our individual survival, life takes on new power and meaning.

Knowing what is my life purpose also brings stress relief.

"A powerful antidote for stress and fatigue is whole heartedness – something you believe in."

Your purpose inspires your creativity so you can meet
your challenges with courage, and find ways to succeed
in spite of the difficulties.

When people have goals and a purpose which inspires them and stirs their hearts a magic enters their lives and life truly becomes worth living.

Ideas to Help You Consider the Key Question -
"What Is My Life Purpose?"

In this short 10 minute video Adam Leipzig shares a wonderful sequence of 5 enlightening questions to help you find your life purpose and joy.

Life purpose is different for different people. No one can really tell you your purpose. It is something you must discover within your own Self.

For some a life purpose might be:

  • raising healthy, well adjusted kids or
  • earning the money to raise a family, or
  • creating a business which supports employees and their families and serves the community, or
  • creating beautiful gardens, or
  • playing music or
  • excelling in sports or
  • spreading joy and making people laugh, or
  • alleviating the suffering of others or
  • serving God.

We may have multiple goals, for the various roles we play in life.

Be flexible. Understanding of life purpose may change as we learn and grow.

More Tips For Finding Your Purpose In Life

So how do you find your purpose? Sometimes finding your purpose in life unfolds gradually. Allow yourself to dream.

Answering these questions might help expand and clarify your vision:

  • What would you like your life to be like?
  • What would you like to be remembered for after you are gone from this world?
  • Think about your life so far. What has really given you joy, or a sense of accomplishment?
  • What energizes you and helps you bound out of bed in the morning when you know you are going to do it that day?
  • What have you done that gives you a sense of self respect and helps you feel good about yourself?

Sometimes, even if we ask these questions it still may take some time to fully discover what is my life purpose.
Developing patience helps
....start with today.

I like to begin my days with a simple question “God, how can I best serve you today?” Then I listen inside and write down the thoughts which come. To learn more about how you can do this, here is a fee PDF download of a wonderful pamphlet called
"How to Listen to God". (It will open in a new window.)

Study the lives of people you admire. What inspires you about them? Mahatma Gandhi’s purpose was to serve God and live truth … what’s yours?

Life Purpose Inspires Healthy Habits

When life feels more meaningful and purposeful, we naturally value it and take better care of it. So knowing our life purpose makes it easier to live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle choices are tools to help you fulfill
your real purpose in life.

Think of healthy lifestyle choices and other
stress relief techniques as useful tools. When regularly practiced they do help prevent stress. They are the essential building blocks that tend to support optimum well being.

But these habits are not an end in themselves.

Instead ask yourself, what is my life purpose?
What is it that I am here to do?
What is it that gives meaning to my life and joy to my heart?

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