Simplicity Is a Great Stress Reducer

Simplicity is one of the ways I try to live sanely in a slightly insane world.

Simplicity can give us strength. The dandelion is a good example. It is not a showy flower. It is simple. But dandelion is very tenacious and strong. It can adapt successfully to many different environments and challenges. Just try digging it out of your front lawn or garden. It's not easy.

Here are some ideas for simplicity:

Sometimes being simple may suggest the wisdom of having less. " My budget is stretched enough and my closet is already filled with clothes.”

Sometimes being simple may suggest doing less.
" Make one big soup for lunch and eat the leftovers for dinner too.” Or, “Watch one less movie and go to bed early”.

Sometimes being simple may suggest talking less.
Become a better listener. Who knows what pearls of wisdom you might hear, and people will like you a lot more.

Sometimes being simple means not starting another project until the current one is finished.

Being simple in the home or workspace may mean taking the time to put things away and declutter. It really helps mental clarity and peace. It also boosts creativity and productivity.

When we align ourselves with being simple we may find that simple solutions are powerful and that more is not always better.

Being simple allows us to be more efficient, to streamline our routines and processes... to have more time.

Being simple allows us time to rest so that we can think more clearly, be more resilient with life's challenges and avoid unnecessary stress.

Being simple means being peaceful and accepting of the way things are, who you are, and what you already have, right now. It's essence is an inner state of peace.

Sometimes being simple may mean doing less or having less,

But not always.

The powerful part of being simple is

Finding the peace and fullness


our own heart.

As we voluntarily choose to be simple,

We may discover within us......

Just waiting for us to notice

The peace

That always


Being simple does not mean deprivation.

There is fullness within us.

The changing things of this world are not the key to lasting happiness.

When we discover that peace and happiness are

Already within us,

Then being simple can be


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