We Stayed Married Thanks to Personal Core Values

by Laura Frisbie
(Asheville, NC)

When I discovered the personal value of peace, I stopped waging war with my husband. Last year I was out of my mind with upset with my husband. He stubbornly insisted on day-trading via the internet.

I knew he was addicted. He had dug a deep hole of losses. He thought he could recoup, I knew it was only getting worse.

Convinced that he would bankrupt us, I threatened divorce. So he went to a divorce lawyer!

Then I began the process of preparing to see a lawyer.

In those moments, I discovered that I did not want to wage a war with my husband. I wanted peace. So I changed my behavior.

I knew that - for me - already twice divorced, there could be no greater tragedy than to lose our friendship. Even financial disaster and possible homelessness was better than the thought of a break-up with my (stubborn) husband and friend.

He finally did stop day-trading and we are now closer than ever. I discovered an inner strength made of surrender and resolve I didn't know I had. I value my husband and our marriage much more than before.

My simple "I can't be at war." value was...INVALUABLE.


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