The Value of Serenity in My Business & My Life

by Dr. Bob
(Sedona, AZ)

The personal core value of serenity is a key ingredient to my professional and personal effectiveness. As a business owner and a consultant, I work with several clients ranging from medium to enterprise-sized firms. It is not unusual to receive phone calls or emails with emergency requests with short time frames. Earlier in my business life, I would often be stressed out by such events, jumping into action, scurrying to get this or that piece of information or a dataset, or generating phone calls in search of the information my clients needed.

What I have learned over the years is that my serenity is my most valuable asset or personal core value and that if I lose my serenity I experience chaos instead. I cannot think well; I cannot plan what I need to do; thoughts rush around and take over my life in those moments. At these moments, I can be full of judgment.--being angry at myself for being upset and being angry at others for disturbing me.

What I have learned to do now is sit back, take a deep breath, and take a few minutes to be grateful--grateful for my clients, grateful for the work I have, grateful to be of service.

And in taking a deep breath, and literally counting my blessings and being grateful for them, I am able to realize that no one appointed me judge or jury. I simply relax a little and accept the situation that is in front of me, exactly as it is, regardless of how I may feel about it or what thoughts are rushing about in regard to it. I don't have to change it (I can't anyway.) I don't have to fix it. I don't have to do anything about it. I simply accept. And that is the key to my serenity. Only from serenity is it even possible for me to take effective action.

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All the best
by: JJ

Well, I do agree a lot with what you have said here. We should be grateful to our clients as they are the actual backbone of the work we have. Even though they do only look for the benefits they will have from us, they are very important to us.

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