Flying Phobia - Stress Relief Tips for
Fear of Flying Help

End flying phobia and gain freedom. Use these tips to overcome the fear of flying and learn to enjoy travel - or at least become comfortable and peaceful.

Flying phobia is one of the most common fears.
When we get into a plane, we enter a small confined space with many other people we don’t know.
And we are clearly not in control.

But many people have learned to overcome their fears of flying!

11 Tips to Help Overcome the Fear of Flying

1. Visualize a safe comfortable flight.
Worry does not help. It does not make the flight safer. Worry only makes you more uncomfortable.

2. Start your trip rested.
This will give you more resilience – more of a buffer for the travails of travel. To help avoid starting out tired, plan your trip in advance. Pack in advance. When we are fatigued we are more prone to flying phobia and other useless fears.

3. Allow extra time for inevitable delays.
Allowing extra time reduces anxiety and enables us to stay more calm and relaxed. Plan to get to the airport early. Then if delays occur, you can still travel without the fear of missing your flight.

4. Get physical exercise before the flight.
I usually do this by going for a long walk in the airport while I am waiting to board the plane. Exercising to the point of mild fatigue helps me be more relaxed and willing to sit quietly on the plane during the flight.

5. Breathe slowly and deeply any time you start to feel frightened.
Fear, or perceived danger, triggers our bodies to go into a stress response of "fight or flight." But on a plane, fighting and running are really not an option. Breathing slowly and deeply resets our biochemistry so that we can relax and sit comfortably in our seats. This simple technique really helps relieve flying phobia.

6. Bring “comfort supplies” with you.

  • Take pillows and seat cushions. Neck support pillows can help avoid a stiff neck. Some people find a lumbar pillow helpful. Inflatable air pillows are light weight and easy to carry.
  • Take extra sweaters or blankets in the winter time. Bring a sweater even in the summer for the inevitable airport or plane that is "too air conditioned."
  • Bring your own fresh food instead of buying fried fast food. Your own snacks will be tastier, more nutritious and also less expensive. We like to bring sandwiches, fresh fruit, or baked potatoes. It's surprising how tasty even a plain potato can be when I'm tired and hungry. Don’t bring foods with a high liquid content like soups. They are likely to spill, and will not make it through the airport security check point.
  • Use a personal air purifier. Personal air purifiers can help lessen the air pollution and toxic exposures that occur in airports and planes. This helps to reduce some of the stress pollution can bring to our bodies.
  • Bring entertainment with you that you really enjoy. When you're having fun the time goes easily and quickly. Try pencil games, crossword puzzles, or a good book. Many people bring their computer for entertainment and to get work done.

7. Stay hydrated.
Airplanes are very dry. From Ayurveda we know that even mild dehydration can make us more prone to all types of fear including fear of flying. For best results drink water and avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

8. Take stretch breaks.
Whether you are traveling by car or plane, stretching and moving can ease the stressful feeling of being cooped up. It really lessens the discomfort and fear of flying to be able to stretch and move around.

9. Take a nap on the plane.
Sleeping on the plane enables the time to pass really quickly. It's my favorite way to travel.

Plane flights designated “red eye” tend to have fewer announcements and movies during the flight.
This allows the passengers to sleep and the travel to be more restful and peaceful.

10. To help avoid jet lag:

  • Set your clock or watch to the time of your destination area when you take-off. Get used to the new time in your mind. Don't hold on to the past.
  • When you reach your destination get sunlight on your skin as soon as possible. It seems your body “knows” the time of day by sensing where the sun is. This simple practice can reset your biological time clock very quickly.

11. Learn more about the safety of Airplanes and Airports

Fear comes when we perceive danger. But often our fears are baseless, about things we don't really know or understand. So one way many people overcome their flying phobia or fear of flying, is to learn more about flying.

An easy way to do this is to take a free on line self help course at 

Flying Phobia Can Be Overcome

Use these stress relief tips for fear of flying help. They can help make your travel less fatiguing, smoother and more comfortable. As your travel experiences become more comfortable and your understanding grows of how planes and airports protect your safety, your flying phobia will diminish.

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