Fear of Dentist
Strategies for Dental Stress Relief

Fear of dentist and trips to the dentist used to put me into a panic, even just to get my teeth cleaned.

For awhile I tried simply staying away. It seemed like a good idea at the time but when I finally did go it was really painful getting my teeth cleaned and I had more cavities in addition.

Perhaps it was the fear of pain. Perhaps it was fear of trusting someone else. The problem did not turn out to be my dentist. (My dentist is a very compassionate and skillful doctor.)

The problem turned out to be ME.

When I went to the dentist, I simply felt overwhelmed and vulnerable. Here’s how I learned to overcome the fear of dentists.

8 Tips to Overcome Fear of Dentistry

  1. I do go to the dentist regularly, but now I prepare. I visualize the dental treatment going easily and comfortably.
  2. For a few days before my appointment I eat a lot of calcium and magnesium rich foods. This seems to keep me more calm and less over reactive to the inevitable discomfort. My favorite is lots of green leafy vegetables, especially collards and kale. I also drink many cups of strong nettle herb tea because it is very high in good bone building minerals.
  3. In addition I remind myself that dental anesthesia does work and can numb the pain.
  4. I remind myself that any pain is temporary… my body will heal.
  5. I choose a dentist who tests for allergic reactions to dental materials and drugs so that the procedures are easier and less stressful for my body.
  6. When I get into the dentist’s chair I put my mind with God and I pray….almost constantly for the full time I’m there. It really helps. When I fee overwhelmed or frightened, or fearful of dentistry, trusting God is the real answer.
  7. While I am in the dentist chair, I scan my body for tense muscles. When I find tense muscles, I consciously relax them.
  8. And I remember to keep breathing, slowly and deeply. This grounds me in the present moment and gives simple powerful stress relief.

When the delightful moment comes that the appointment is over, I give thanks that I have survived another dental treatment and I don’t have to come back... at least for awhile.

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